Welcome to the webpage of

The Gulfcoast Sandpiper Barbershop Chorus

located in Bradenton, Florida

We are officially the Manatee County Chapter (P0004) of The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), which is an international organization dedicated to Barbershop singing.

We are a member of the Sushine District of the BHS.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality musical entertainment promoting the enjoyment of barbershop harmony in Manatee County and surrounding communities.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

This site is updated frequently. Please visit often. Last update 3/ 3/2019

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The Sandpiper Chorus Jack Gardner Ken Stanton Arne Hansen Arne Hansen Charlie Canniff Glen Moon Glen Moon Todd Roberts Barrett Dick Ken Geisinger Mike Moran Mike Moran John Colket John Colket John Colket Jim Craig

What is Barbershop singing?

Barbershop harmony is four-part, a cappella, close-harmony singing. The four parts are:

LEAD - usually sings the melody, although in some pieces other parts can sing the melody, briefly.
TENOR - usually sings above the lead.
BASS - usually sings the lowest notes.
BARITONE - usually sings between the Lead and the Bass.

Barbershoppers sing without reference to a printed score - i.e., from memory.


Barbershop Quartets are a vital part of Barbershop singing. Here each part is sung by a single person, which means that each singer has only himself to carry his part. This puts a lot of pressure on the singers and it requires a lot of practice.

We have two quartets ready to perform:

              Push                                       Arne's Army

  1. Glen Moon - Lead                 Arne Hansen - Lead
  2. Dave Totten - Tenor               Glen Moon - Tenor
  3. Ray Schiller - Bass                 Ken Geisinger - Bass
  4. Roosevelt Jones - Baritone     Jim Craig - Baritone
Christmas Chorus Mr.X Barrett Dick Kent Joachim Charles Bunton John Colket


The Sandpiper Officers

The officers for 2015 are:
  1. President - Charley Lenny, 941-306-9495
  2. Music VP - Jim Craig, 941-549-0005
  3. Marketing and PR VP - Charley Lenny, 941-306-9495
  4. Membership VP - Ken Geisinger , 941-727-4086
  5. Secretary - Ken Geisinger, 941-727-4086
  6. Treasurer - Charles Bunton, 941-794-6768
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The Sandpiper Leaders

The leadership positions for 2015 are:
  1. President - Charley Lenny
  2. Chorus Director - Glen Moon
  3. Assistant Director - Ray Shiller
  4. Tenor Section Leader- tba
  5. Lead Section Leader - Kent Jaochim
  6. Bass Section Leader - Ray Shiller
  7. Baritone Section Leader - Roosevelt Jones
  8. 2016 Sandpiper of the Year - Kent Joachim
  9. Webmaster - Ken Geisinger

What we do

Rehearsals We hold rehearsals Thursday evenings between 7 and 9 pm at the clubhouse at Waters Edge. in Bradenton. Men and women are welcome to come, observe, and join us. Enter at gate on 30th Ave. W, located between 14th and 24th streets.

Rehearsals have resumed. Please attend.

Annual Show We have suspened our annual shows. Check this website periodically to see if the annual shows have resumed.


Singing Valentines Every February we perform singing valentines. The cost is $35. Call Charles Bunton 941-794-6768.

Arne's Army Push